by Silvia Mirandola (ICF, ACC) & Sue Jackson (AC AMEC)

An invitation to read and share the article Sue Jackson and Silvia Mirandola have written about the restoring  #power of #Nature and discover what kind of learnings you can gain about #resilience from the never-ending biological wisdom all around us.

by Elijah Hiett (Unsplash)

Nature, over the course of 3.8 billion years, has had to face an infinity of changes both at the micro- (genetic, phenotypic) and macro- (ecosystems) level, continuing undaunted its path to restore “conditions conducive to life”. Nature knows that crisis, disturbance, and catastrophic events are part of the existence of living forms.

Nature can therefore be a model and a mentor, a learning space from which to take up lessons of survival and regeneration for your internal and external balance.

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