What can we learn from the exchange and communication between trees and fungi? How can social insects (ants, termites) set an example for us in addressing complex issues? Can humpback whales inspire our practices of technological exchange and learning?

“FROM NATURE’S MOUTH – THE HANDBOOK FOR BIOINFUSED HUMAN COMMUNICATION (INSPIRED BY BIOMIMICRY)” answers these and many other questions based on case studies found in Nature.

In a handbook linking – for the first time – human communication and the discipline of biomimicry (what humans can learn from Nature), Michaela Emch responds to the specific challenges of relationships between people, communities and cultures in the present century. It is marked by major issues such as silo thinking, the emergence of complexity, interculturality and the loss of bearings and sense of community. Follow her to find the answers that the meticulous study of biological phenomena can offer us to face the fragmentation of our fields of interaction. Learn bioinspired methods to find regenerative momentum in functions, interactions and processes inspired by our environment. Benefit from the best of teachers: life on our planet has 3.8 billion years of experience and communication is a fundamental part of it. Discover the power that each of us can unleash by learning from the world around us.  

Michaela Emch

Michaela is a communications and marketing specialist, translator, cultural mediator, biomimicry practitioner, safari guide, naturalist, and passionate biologist who seeks connections where people have not yet made them. Her Master’s degree in International Relations and the ability to abstract acquired during her MBA allow her to master the multicultural and interdisciplinary impacts of communication in multiple fields of application.

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